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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Professional social network with different technologies

I used to create posts at the end of each semester, where I put those year exams or explain a project...

For this semester, the third year of engineering studies, I was focusing more on finding a good internship for the upcoming semester, I will write an entire post for that subject but for now here is a project I can share

We were asked to recreate a professional social network like Linkedin were in each subject we use different technology, In some subjects, we did add ChatBot or create unit tests, or apply quality like ISO  25000...

So yeah after everything is finished, I did upload the code in GitHub and I will share the rapport and the different projects here.

 Professional social network with J2EE/JSP and hibernate:

 Professional social network with Angular6, Spring Boot, MYSQL, (NODE/Express for real time chat), Chatbot... :

 Professional social network with React / Redux (Same backend of the Angular6, Spring Boot) :

Rapport (has the ISO2500 / Scrum..... ) :



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