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Thursday, January 2, 2020

The road to learn German!

Last year (2019), my goal was to get good at machine learning, I wrote the following post: The road to become a Machine Learning expert and I kept updating it regularly till I got to the point where I felt I achieved that goal!

This year 2020, I have different goals, one of them is to learn German, I am living in Germany right now working as a software engineer so I would like to learn an other language and add it to my skills while I have the chance.

I am writing this post because when I did it for the machine learning goal, it helped me to stay on track and make progress with my learning. I will mention here the books I used, the courses I followed, the techniques I applied, etc. 

Probably I will get into a private course here in the upcoming months but this won't be my first choice as a part that private courses are expensive, I also work full time and I will be tired even for evening courses, so I need a way to find a way to improve my level on my own.

My goal is to get to B1 level, actually B1 is my limit goal, not sure If I could do it for this year so I would be happy if I just reach A2 level. I will try to study A1.1 on my own and maybe get into a private course when I reach A1.2 or A2.

Till now I've been only using Duolingo for a while and also watch Movies and Shows in German to improve my hearing, I do understand some words right now, I could make simple phrases but it's to to upgrade my learning method and Learn German!

# January

During this month I will start with the 2 following resources:

- German for beginners free course (A1)
Learn German Language: Complete German Course - Beginners 

- To be continued
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