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Monday, May 22, 2017

ISAMM first year engineering class review

Hi, I made this blog a year ago but I didn't post in this section because I was waiting for something worth sharing. I know most of the things I am going to say here are based on my personal experience, so it may sound interesting to some people, boring to some others. Maybe I will look like I am complaining a lot, maybe some will agree with me, maybe some won't but I think this is what the blogs are for, to share opinions. 

So if you are someone who got accepted in ISAMM or thinking of attending ISAMM or if you are someone who knows me like a curious classmate or maybe you are just a visitor I hope you like this post.

1/ From ISIMM to ISAMM

Before getting accepted at ISAMM I was a student at ISIMM university, if you are curious about my marks at ISIMM I got 12.34/20 in the first year ( 4th rank ), 12.69/20 in the second year ( 2nd rank ) and 13.67/20 in the third year.

 My marks are low comparing to other universities like ISET..., if you are an ISIMM's student you will understand, we don't have normal marks like other universities, that's why no one get accepted in good engineering schools like ENSI, ENIT...
ISAMM was my 4th choice in the engineering school list and the one who got the best marks the whole 3 years got to ISI ARIANA. not so good right ?! 
So why I went to ISIMM in the first place, well I thought it would be like ISI ARIANA but to be honest, I don't regret going to ISIMM and I will say why later.

2/ My impression about ISAMM and the people I met

Sorry if I went a little out of topic but some details are important, at first I didn't like the idea of going to ISAMM because I am not good at design and multimedia... but I was grateful that I will be an engineer. 
I took in consideration going to a private engineering school and take a specialty I like but I hated the idea of being an engineer because I paid money.
So I started studying at ISAMM, I met new people, made new friends and everyone was excited about the school year.
Lot of people were obsessed with studying even some of them are over obsessed and I think it's normal because everyone used to be in the top of his class and now they need to work hard if they want to pass this year, especially that the engineering class is not like other classes, profs tend to give more exercises, more projects...  and expect us to do more.
I had a prof that told us literally we don't need to sleep 8 hours, 4 hours are more than enough. When you see students work, you will also find yourself work even harder, during this year I saw a lot of types of people, people who stay up all night studying, people who start doing homework even before the prof telling us about them (they want to find themselves ready when the prof asked us for it), there is also the type of people who don't want to share exercises and old exams... even the second year of engineering class if you ask for their old exams they won't answer you ( I think that's the main reason why I started posting in this blog I didn't want to be like them ), there is also the type of people who talks a lot, they start bragging about their work or knowledge and most of the time what they are saying is crap and you have to be nice and listen to them, there is also some people who couldn't keep up with this rate of pressure so they start dragging you down by asking you not to show your homework...  so yeah this year I saw everything from nerds to bragger to haters...

3/ External students and internal students

I saw many people get depressed, people who totally gave up, some of them have even dropped out or gone to a private school...
The people who had more difficulty adapting to this system were the externals, I mean the students who weren't from ISAMM, most of the things we studied like Unity3D or even math the internal students had better knowledge in them more than us, also the external students used to have good marks so when we got a bad mark they got depressed easily and they started giving up, that's why I said I don't regret going to ISIMM 😋 I am used of having bad marks and working under pressure :v I had 3 in math before so when I had 6 this year it was a progress 😆 but for real most of the students internals or externals are not used to have a lot of homework or projects, I don't blame them as much as I blame the education system and I will talk about that later.

4/ The first thing I learned 

During this year I met good people and made good friends but what I learned the most was learning how to depend on myself. This year was the loneliest year ever for me, as an external student I didn't know a lot of people at ISAMM and it wasn't easy to trust anyone especially when there are a lot of types of people around you, some will be nice to you just because they need you, some others will not appreciate what you are doing for them, others will hate you just because you had a good mark or because you are better than them... so depending on yourself is the key to survive. I had a prof who told us we have to work together if we want to succeed and we have to team up...  for me this advice was just a lie, I did prepare in group for exams and it was helpful but I didn't fully depend on them anyway you will understand what I am talking about in the first assignment you get in a group 😉.

5/ The education system 

In one word the education system sucks, my classmates think that the problem with the education system is that we have a lot of homework and a lot of projects... they also complain a lot about anything and everything for example if we have a normal lesson like with data show... they will say this is not a good way to learn, we have to practice what we are learning using computers... but when we have practical work lessons and projects they also won't like that... Anyway, I don't fully agree with them, in some parts they are right but in other parts they aren't, they are just being lazy and they just want to get marks without caring if they are learning new things or no.
I wrote something in Arabic in the past in this link if you are curious you could read it, but what I said there still apply here in the engineering class.

Without more talking, here is why I think the education system sucks, I will write it in points so my ideas could be clear :

  • What I notice this year is that we are learning how to handle stress more than the subject itself, every prof give us homework and projects and they don't care if we are learning or no, students won't find time to do the projects so they will try to make anything that works even if they take projects from the internet or copy and past codes... without understanding it.

  • We do learn a lot from projects more than normal lessons but not all the projects are interesting, so why in the hell should I make a project using old technology like flash that won't help me in my future career ?! or do you think I will be able to learn a lot if I make a project in a short time with 10 more other projects for other profs ... !

  • Some profs don't appreciate your effort, you spend all night studying or working on something, sometime you spend a lot of days and weekends but when you show what you did to, the prof will only criticize you, I had a prof that always says "you didn't do anything, this is only a 10 min work..." or "you better go back to high school if you don't know this..." 😡 sometimes they won't even bother looking to your work more than 2 min, so you regret all the nights you spent but at least we are learning something right !

  • Exams, I felt that some profs are testing us how much we could remember information, if you remember 10 pages you may get a good mark if you do understand the subject but you can't remember information like definitions ... this is bad for you.

  • I didn't learn anything new in some subjects like French and English, my language skills stayed the same, maybe I learned some self-confident from doing the presentation but there is no improvement at all in my skill level even that I wanted to improve my French level so bad.

  • And finally we study subjects to pass exams and tests, we don't know why we study them, how we could use them in real life,... so everything we did learn will be forgotten after the exam.

I can't just say bad things about profs and the education system... to be honest, I did have fun learning new things like the complexity of algorithms, the prof knew how to teach the subject by telling us how Facebook and Google are working..., I did have some fun working in the augmented reality project even that in the past I wasn't interested in making games... but augmented reality subject made me more curious about this domain.

6/ My advice

This year wasn't so bad but it wasn't so good either, all I can say it was an exhausting year, during it I had a lot of depression moments without forgetting the stress and the hard work... but in general it was a good experience I don't regret going to ISAMM or finish my study after ISIMM. 

My advice to others or even to myself for the next 2 years :

- Don't miss classes.
- Learn how to divide your time and always make plans, don't leave homework to the last moment.
- Depend on yourself, don't expect anything from people.
- Make your own projects, learn recent technologies , try to participate in events and challenges... don't just depend on ISAMM.
- Don't compare yourself to others, every one has his own story.
- Try to always be motivated, don't let studying stress you out and bring you down.
- Vacations are vacations, enjoy having good times in them and relax don't stress yourself, most of the things you are going to prepare in the vacation won't be in the exam 😆 so just work smarter not harder.

7/ Updates 

In this part, I am going to add updates to what I wrote here because who knows maybe I will find out I was wrong in some parts or maybe I will remember details I should have said ... 😁

27/05/2017 : I start with #From ISIMM to ISAMM I said we don't have normal marks, no one gets accepted in good engineering schools like ENSI, and how the person who had the best marks the whole 3 years got into ISI ARIANA, well what I said doesn't mean it's true for all generations most of the profs who taught me when I was at ISIMM are not there anymore, also me getting 12 doesn't mean I would have got 15 if i was in another university. What made me write this, is that this year a friend of mine got 15 in ISIMM so yeah it's not something impossible.

30/05/2017 : Today we got the results, they said they will release it by yesterday but yeah we are Tunisians we can't respect time... anyway thank god I passed this year, I was stressed a lot because I really was scared about the part of  having more than 8/20 in every module to pass the year or you have to catch up in the "session de contrôle".
So yeah I did good actually more than good 😆 I got good marks and I think if I got good marks in math in the first semester I would have been the first in my class 😆 
I got 12.04 in the first semester and 14.43 in the second one, I never got 14 at university before so maybe my theory about ISIMM was true after all 😁.
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